Infinite Dreamer

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Infinite Dreamer

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The mobile, retro and painful endless runner!

Infinite Dreamer is one of these popular but dead simple games: you run, you jump to get stuff, and keep doing this as long as possible. No brain breakdown, no need to have three doctorates in videogame to grasp the concept.

Well, to be specific, in Inf’ Dream’, you don’t really run, but you float in space. Powered by a RAINBOW. Yeah, you’re gracefully flying into the infinite cosmos like a galactic unicorn.

An innovative and butt-kicking gameplay.

Let’s talk playability.

Jumping everywhere like a grasshopper on acid is enjoyable. But, because Physics is so overrated, you can jump up AND down. Just touch the screen on the top or the bottom. Booyah, twice as many possibilities.

Brace yourself, since we are in feature-dropping mode: for each direction, there are TWO types of jump, a small one and a big one. So we have, not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different jumps! 😮 But how? Well, it’s simple, dear future addicted player. A single touch activates the jump, a longer touch activates the big jump.

Icing on the cake, you can do a “reverse jump” to quickly return to dry land (well, the dry middle of the screen). When you are jumping, touch the screen on the opposite side. This will help you to avoid many obstacles.

Stunning graphics, next to which the Mona Lisa could serve as a mouse pad.

Haters will say that the graphics are n00by. Connoisseurs will recognize the subtle references to the old games of the 80s, from the geometric shapes of the characters to the epic Highscores, through the 8-bit sound effects and the particularly dirty blur effect.

The red thing is your spaceship.
The yellow stars, the “coins” to collect.
The green diamonds, the boosts to take to go faster.
And the purple striped-circles are the bad guys, please be careful.

In short, it’s a bit of Retro, using your overpowered-several-hundred-dollars-worth mobile… so, by definition, much better than in the past. With some Google Play Games / Game Center under the hood to handle multiplayer, achievements and rankings.

To make old from new – oops, the opposite. This is a revolution. No one ever thought of it.

Studying the variability of the concept.

What? Really?
Hell yeah! The “classic” game comes in several mods, to waste even more time.

– Classic Game: the normal game, the one everyone in the world knows.

– Random Mission: you are given a goal at the beginning of the game, you have to reach it in time.

– Back To The Future: the mod where you go back in time with a new game element (the hourglass). It allows you to return 5 seconds earlier in the game, and thus to potentially get more stars.

– 2 Players (not functional at the moment): play with a friend on the same game, where you jump alternately. Particularly annoying and therefore indispensable.

– Slalom of Hell: the goal is to get as many stars as possible in 30 seconds, on a very painful course.

– Safe Space: obstacle-free mod where everyone feels safe, and where the goal is to get 20 stars as fast as possible.

– More to come.

For those who are too lazy to read.

– It’s on your mobile.
– It’s free.
– It’s an endless runner where you fly and you jump to collect bonuses (stars, boosts) or to avoid obstacles (meteorites).
– It’s retro.
– There are plenty of mods to vary the pleasures.
– A lot of fun.
– “Easy to play, Hard to master” philosophy.
– Buy the ad-free version inside the game and you will be happy forever, 100% guaranteed by a scientific study.

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